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Key Holding

NSA offers a number of Key Holding options and the associated packages that go with them. Key Holding can take a number of different formats:

NSA - Full Key Holding

Full Key Holding is where NSA via our approved Service Partners, is contracted to hold the keys to a property or a number of properties and duly respond to any alarm activations on behalf of our customer.  This visit will be reinforced by Management Reporting and where necessary appropriate and authorised actions will be taken on behalf of the customer.  This may include re-securing the building, calling out locksmiths or any other agreed response.

NSA - Escorted Key Holding

Escorted Key Holding is where NSA does not hold any keys but will respond accordingly and accompany the customer’s Key Holder whilst attending the activation.  Management Reporting will also be supplied to the customer as confirmation of this attendance.

NSA - Key Holding Lock Out Service

Key Holding – Lock Out Service is where NSA hold the keys to the property, residential or commercial, for the express purpose of attending the property to assist the owner or designated parties to enter their premises if they are not in possession of the keys.  This service is activated by an approved password issued to the customer and can be used by anybody the customer chooses to give the password to.  This service is not intended as a response to alarm activations.

NSA - Key Holding – Delivery Meet and Greet

Key Holding – Delivery Meet and Greet is a service aimed at the commercial customer who has scheduled deliveries, generally out of hours and need a trusted person to meet the delivery personnel and ensure the delivered items are taken in and secured on site.  The attending security personnel will attend upon receiving an authorised call from the delivery driver.  This service has proved very popular with our retail customers who want the ‘out of hours’ deliveries but don’t want to either use their own staff or indeed contact permanent static security staff.

The above list of Key Holding services is comprehensive but by no means exhaustive.  The Full Key Holding package automatically qualifies for all other variants on the service.


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